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Serverless image resize with Amazon Lambda function

Did you know that you can implement image resize on the fly without maintaining your servers, just by deploying a logic how to resize images. With Amazon AWS Lambda you can achieve that. There are some natural benefits when you use Lambda functions. E.g., you don’t need to apply security patches to the operating system, and you can just concentrate on the logic. The following mixed architecture and flow chart diagram describes how we implemented user profile image resize with AWS CloudFront, Amazon API Gateway, S3 and AWS Lambda.

Add your profile icon directly on Sketchboard

Direct profile icon support for users mean that you don’t any longer need to leave Sketchboard to add your picture quickly. When you add your picture, collaboration in real-time becomes more natural, and you can see the other person image moving on a board according to user’s mouse movements or while reading board comments. Earlier Sketchboard supported only Gravatar icons. We’ve got feedback that this was not practical when users had already uploaded, e.

Business plan is the most powerful and flexible way of using Sketchboard

Team collaboration is deeply built-in to Sketchboard’s DNA. We designed the team structure to maximize your collaboration between members. Teams are common spaces that every member has access to all of the boards -of course, except personal boards. When your team gets larger or more diverse, you might realize that a single team is not enough anymore. Perhaps you have multiple projects, working with different people, and you need to restrict access for those separately.

Restoring connection Notification

Thanks for using Sketchboard! Sketchboard community is now over 130,000 users. The amount of users also brings some challenges for the infrastructure, and we have decided to make some actions to serve current active users as well as possible and reduce some idle sessions. You might have noticed that there is a new Restoring connection notification. When this notification shows up, it most probably means that you have not been active on Sketchboard for a while.

Powerful image pasting

While this is an extremely simple idea, it is very powerful. Image pasting feature is based on Sketchboard user feedback. It is a good illustration of how valuable your input is to Sketchboard community, which is now already over 120,000 users. Thank you for all the comments we’re getting. We really appreciate that! While the old way of uploading images into Sketchboard still works as previously, we see that the ability to add images without having them saved on the local drive streamlines the process.

Contracts for collaboration - the easy way

Not many people enjoy thinking about, or reading, contracts. However they are vital to collaboration projects. Remember that the aim of a contract is to protect you and be sure everyone clearly understands their roles and deadlines. When put that way, contracts sound pretty good. There’s no need for them to be confusing, long or tedious. In fact, it’s often better when they aren’t. However there are a lot of vital points a contract should cover.

Is Sketch UML for me?

As in the cartoon below, it is possible to be misunderstood even when using grammatically correct sentence where all the words are individually clear. In this short blog post, I will walk you through why this is of importance while diagramming and whiteboarding when working on software development project. This is especially relevant if you need to interact with other people during the project. Let’s have a look at how Peter’s message gets understood differently by two different people, simply because they have different background and typically operate in different context.

Good Collaboration Starts With The Team

Often, attempting to do everything alone results in a sub-par end result. Individual passion and dedication lead to a fantastic skill-set, however it’s rare that any of us can do everything well. Working as a part of a team lessens the workload and allows team members to focus on the things they are best at, which promotes a better end result and a higher quality product. Finding the right people However finding the right people to work with can be a daunting prospect.

Getting Things Done

If you follow Sketchboard, you’ve probably noticed me blogging at you for the last few months. I get to research and write on a lot of topics related to visual thinking and remote work, but there aren’t as many chances to tell you about the people behind Sketchboard. This tool was created by Saiki. Since meeting Saiki, I’ve been inspired to change my approach to how I take notes, how I sketch and how I prioritize work.

Cool kids embrace multiple interests

Remember the first time someone asked you what you wanted to be when you grew up? It’s a harmless question to most 5-year-olds. But as we grow older, the same question keeps being asked in many different ways. At some point, it stops being a fun conversation starter and turns into the problem that keeps us up at night. How do we know our answer is right? What if we’d like to give 20 different answers?

Edit Invoice Billing Details

Never needed to have more details on your Sketchboard online whiteboard invoice? It might be because of your Account department or for some other reason. Now it is possible to add billing details that will be shown on your future invoices, and you can regenerate existing invoices to contain updated details. You can update the invoice details and regenerate the invoice within the application. From the dashboard: Menu > Billing > Change Billing Details Billing details form shows on the right hand side what will be added to your invoices. hit 100K users

Thank you for making Sketchboard possible! Sketchboard has reached 100,000 users, and continues on bootstrapped path on a grazy startup world where VC funding is mostly everything. We have taken slightly different approach, and in current state Sketchboard’s monthly revenue stream has reached brake even. We are working towards long lasting sustainable business. Sketchboard is still far from perfect and there is lot to do, but you have shown that there is definitely a need for an online team whiteboard tool like Sketchboard.