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Sketchboard is an interactive whiteboard to take your team ideas to the next level. Sketchboard's web whiteboard is designed for remote product teams to boost collaboration.

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Digital whiteboard for stress-free starts

Sketchboard’s organic look & feel make you want to start working. Free your mind by putting things out to your interactive whiteboard. Organize your ideas, plan projects and make your diagrams better.

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Interactive online whiteboard for better communication

Sketchboard is an online team collaboration tool that helps you to visually build diagrams, mindmaps or flowcharts. Integrate your web whiteboard with your Slack team to boost communication with visual messaging.

Virtual whiteboard for effective meetings

Sketchboard’s digital whiteboard with various collaboration features enables distributed teams to work at the same time harmonically. Track your teammate’s mouse movements on your web whiteboard to follow changes in real-time.

Web whiteboard for software teams

Sketchboard works great with the software developers and product teams. On your web whiteboard, create easy automated connections between shapes, images, and text. Edit your UML diagrams freely and draw AWS diagrams in minutes.

Online whiteboard tool features you should know

There are a lot of reasons to use online whiteboards: Mindmapping, brainstorming, drawing diagrams, and many more. Sketchboard provides an optimized set of features for you to get the best value of your whiteboarding session.

Web whiteboard for your ideas

Sketchboard provides a rich set of shapes to freely explain and discuss ideas. In addition to 400+ sketch shapes in the gallery, you can add your own images and screenshots to your infinite canvas.

Share your virtual whiteboard

When you need to share your whiteboard with others, Sketchboard offers export options in PDF, SVG, JPEG and PNG format. Invite your teammates to your board, or create view-only access to share your work in real-time.

Online whiteboard collaboration

High-quality collaboration features are a must-have for an online whiteboard. Use the ephemeral chat during your live teamwork sessions or create comments on the shapes to discuss ideas. Web Whiteboards are very effective tools to make sure everybody is on the same page in your team.

Digital whiteboard with customized look

Customization features in online whiteboards help you to engage your work better. Choose your drawing style "awesome" for a hand drawn feeling or "corporate" for a more polished view. Sketchboard offers multiple background modes: grid, dark, sepia and paper.