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How Online Whiteboards Improve Visual Collaboration

By Kayleigh Alexandra Nov 21, 2018

Team projects were so much simpler back before the internet hit the mainstream. Sure, the possibilities were nowhere near as extensive, but you could rely on people to share an office environment. Meetings were busy affairs, and everyone had an opportunity to ask questions and get their perspective across. Visual collaboration — everyone involved in a project being in a position to see and understand exactly what everyone else was doing — was a natural result.

New comment notifications

By Saiki Tanabe Mar 29, 2018

We have been requested to improve Sketchboard comment notifications, not always to inform all users of the team and target notifications better to particular users. Previously you were able to disable notifications entirely, but there was no variation when you would like to get notifications. Are you new to Sketchboard comments? Learn how to use Sketchboard comments and from here how to use comments with images. It is more or less industry standard to control notifications with mentions in a text, and Sketchboard decided to go that route as well.

Create visual bookmarks around your idea

By Saiki Tanabe Jan 17, 2018

When doodling your idea visually for a new feature of your product, or e.g. creating a mind map around a topic that you are studying. You are creating a map that helps you to remember the idea quickly when accessing it later. One of the core features of Sketchboard is to connect shapes easily together graphically. Apply links here and there, and suddenly you are building a visual bookmark page for your topic, a visual bookmark tree.

Open office or closed cubicles?

By Leigh Ewin Jan 11, 2018

In the early 2000´s companies like Google began testing and rolling out open plan office space for staff members and teams. The idea was to give a much more open ideation and creativity to work together, allowing for increased personal interactions throughout the regular working day. This was believed to enable more collaborative thinking and opportunity to “bounce ideas” off of one another, leading to a greater shared knowledge, expertise and of course - more INNOVATION!

How to use Vue.js with JSX and TypeScript - Migrating from AngularJS to Vue.js

By Saiki Tanabe Sep 30, 2017

Never being in a situation where some framework melts down under you, and there is no simple path to upgrade it. Sketchboard, like many other projects, needs to make a decision how to move forward from AngularJS (Angular 1.x). It doesn’t make any easier that JavaScript front-end libraries/frameworks come and go very quickly. And sometimes it is like in the wild wild west. For a while, we have built UI features using microservices outside the core Sketchboard application and postponed the decision.

Move board between teams

By Saiki Tanabe Sep 21, 2017

Did you create a board on a wrong Sketchboard team? No worries, now you can move a board quickly between teams. You can change the team that a board belongs to by opening board details from the menu. See how to switch currently active team. NOTE: You have to be the owner of the board to move the board. Menu > Board Details > Move to a team To quickly access the board details, use a shortcut Cmd+I or Ctrl+I, see more Sketchboard shortcuts.

Brainstorming or braincalming?

By Leigh Ewin Sep 7, 2017

We have all been in that situation. Your boss calls the “innovation/creative/ideas” meeting. You and your colleagues are handed a stack of post-it notes. “Oooh goodie, I got green!” - one colleague shouts. Your boss then explains that you need to create a new program or project and swiftly proceeds to give a short dialogue as to what sorts of ideas are within the realm of possibility. “You got it guys?

Serverless image resize with Amazon Lambda function

By Saiki Tanabe May 25, 2017

Did you know that you can implement image resize on the fly without maintaining your servers, just by deploying a logic how to resize images. With Amazon AWS Lambda you can achieve that. There are some natural benefits when you use Lambda functions. E.g., you don’t need to apply security patches to the operating system, and you can just concentrate on the logic. The following mixed architecture and flow chart diagram describes how we implemented user profile image resize with AWS CloudFront, Amazon API Gateway, S3 and AWS Lambda.

Add your profile icon directly on Sketchboard

By Saiki Tanabe May 16, 2017

Direct profile icon support for users mean that you don’t any longer need to leave Sketchboard to add your picture quickly. When you add your picture, collaboration in real-time becomes more natural, and you can see the other person image moving on a board according to user’s mouse movements or while reading board comments. Earlier Sketchboard supported only Gravatar icons. We’ve got feedback that this was not practical when users had already uploaded, e.

Organization is the most powerful and flexible way of using Sketchboard

By Saiki Tanabe Apr 5, 2017

Team collaboration is written in Sketchboard’s DNA. Everything that you have in Sketchboard is visible for the whole team, and that makes sharing easy and straightforward. But sometimes one single team is not enough. Perhaps you have multiple projects, working with different people, and you need to restrict access for those separately, and that is when Organization comes into the picture. Organization plan is the most powerful and flexible way of using Sketchboard.

Restoring connection Notification

By Saiki Tanabe Apr 4, 2017

Thanks for using Sketchboard! Sketchboard community is now over 130,000 users. The amount of users also brings some challenges for the infrastructure, and we have decided to make some actions to serve current active users as well as possible and reduce some idle sessions. You might have noticed that there is a new Restoring connection notification. When this notification shows up, it most probably means that you have not been active on Sketchboard for a while.

Powerful image pasting

By Tomasz Mucha Feb 20, 2017

While this is an extremely simple idea, it is very powerful. Image pasting feature is based on Sketchboard user feedback. It is a good illustration of how valuable your input is to Sketchboard community, which is now already over 120,000 users. Thank you for all the comments we’re getting. We really appreciate that! While the old way of uploading images into Sketchboard still works as previously, we see that the ability to add images without having them saved on the local drive streamlines the process.