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Jitsi's engineering team revamps its software development process with Sketchboard

Company Profile Name Jitsi Industry Video Conferencing HQ Distributed Founded 2001 The coronavirus crisis in 2020 has pushed many companies to move into fully distributed teams, where working from home became a de-facto working mode. One of the most crucial parts of our remote work routine is obviously video conferencing. Founded in 2001 as an open-source project, Jitsi provides a secure, flexible, and completely free video conferencing solution.

Crunching Koalas boosts their speed with Sketchboard

Company Profile Name Crunching Koalas Industry Video Game Development HQ Warsaw, Poland Founded 2012 We are living in exceptional times. Where everything moves very fast, we need to be able to respond to the changes around ourselves quickly. The video game development world is definitely no exception in this. Crunching Koalas is a studio with a focus on providing development, porting and publishing support to exceptional indie games.

Computer Lunch shortens its game development process with visual maps on Sketchboard

Company Profile Name Computer Lunch Industry Gaming HQ Brooklyn, New York, USA Founded 2013 In today’s information age, it is easy to become overwhelmed by the breadth of knowledge that can be found online. Computer Lunch, the Brooklyn based game development company, develops a mobile game based on scientific research about evolution from a single-cell organism to humans and beyond: “Cell to Singularity”.

Search Inside Your Online Whiteboard

Introducing Sketchboard Content Search We are happy to introduce a new search with content matches. It strives to show relevant findings with highlighted terms. For many years, Sketchboard indexed board content and showed the search result with board thumbnails. Based on your visual memory, you were able to choose the correct match. However, the actual search matches were not shown, what kind of context the term has, and what was the exact keyword used.

7 Essential Team Management Tools & Resources For Startups

A startup is a delicate thing to manage, because every single action can have major long-term consequences. Your profit margins, your branding, your business partnerships: fail to think something through and it’ll become a weight dragging you down. Nowhere is this more apparent than in your recruitment —after all, the team you build will define the future of your company.

Public Board Comments

Sketchboard comments feature has been updated. Now it is possible to show comments on public boards.

How to Use Inline SVG icons

Lonely Planet was one of the first who publicly explained their process of using SVG icons. The approach has changed a bit, but they are still using SVG images. The benefit of using SVG icons is that graphics are drawn losslessly on every device and any screen size. We have followed the Lonely Planet approach, but as time has passed, browsers have started to support the first approach differently where SVG icons are loaded using CSS.

Sketchboard supports iPad Pro and Windows Surface Book

Nowadays, many users do at least some productivity work using a touch device. iPad Pro is undoubtedly one of those devices, and you can find even developers who do some experimental coding with it though it is mostly a thin wrapper to a server where actual development tools are. Overall iPad Pro experience has improved a lot, and you can produce and not only consume content. — Go to instructions install full-screen Sketchboard on iPad—

Welcome the Dark Mode

Dark Mode is a new background color mode that you can enable on Sketchboard. It helps you to better focus on your diagrams and your new ideas, in distraction free mode. Dark Mode uses dark colors in background, popups, and buttons to give a focus for your content.

How Online Whiteboards Improve Visual Collaboration

Team projects were so much simpler back before the internet hit the mainstream. Sure, the possibilities were nowhere near as extensive, but you could rely on people to share an office environment. Meetings were busy affairs, and everyone had an opportunity to ask questions and get their perspective across. Visual collaboration — everyone involved in a project being in a position to see and understand exactly what everyone else was doing — was a natural result.

New comment notifications

We have been requested to improve Sketchboard comment notifications, not always to inform all users of the team and target notifications better to particular users. Previously you were able to disable notifications entirely, but there was no variation when you would like to get notifications. Are you new to Sketchboard comments? Learn how to use Sketchboard comments and from here how to use comments with images. It is more or less industry standard to control notifications with mentions in a text, and Sketchboard decided to go that route as well.

Create visual bookmarks around your idea

When doodling your idea visually for a new feature of your product, or e.g. creating a mind map around a topic that you are studying. You are creating a map that helps you to remember the idea quickly when accessing it later. One of the core features of Sketchboard is to connect shapes easily together graphically. Apply links here and there, and suddenly you are building a visual bookmark page for your topic, a visual bookmark tree.