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Team Productivity Gets Visual

By Helena Palha May 10, 2016

If I had to take a wild guess, I’d say the main thing that still makes you cringe when you hear the phrase “visual thinking” is the idea that whatever it involves must be too time consuming. Maybe you’ve worked in software development for so long that anything “visual” would seem ambiguous or distracting. Or perhaps you’re fresh out of school, working remotely, mostly concerned with bridging the gaps between your work and that of your team members.

Introducing Organizations

By Saiki Tanabe Feb 9, 2016

We’re excited to announce Sketchboard for organizations. Now Sketchboard scales for your needs, you can start from a small sketch diagramming team and scale your visual communication needs to any size. Organization allows easily to separate work between different teams. Teammates can edit or view boards only if they belong to a team. You can have unlimited private teams. Organization users can belong to multiple project teams or cross functional units within your organization with simple understandable access right that is a team.

Forget post-its, sketch something!

By Ernesto Hartikainen Oct 5, 2015

Anyone who has ever taken part in an ideation or prototyping workshop of some sorts will be very familiar with post-it notes. A wonderful innovation that was born out of a failed attempt to create a super-strong adhesive. This invention first conceived in 1968 by Dr Spencer Silver, a scientist at 3M, and further developed by Arthur Fry in the 1970s still remains in broad use. And for a reason.

Yearly Plans

By Saiki Tanabe Aug 31, 2015

Yearly Plans have arrived on When you select a yearly plan, you’ll get 1 month for free compared to 12 month monthly subscription. Yearly plan can be selected from the dropdown menu => Yearly. Prices are shown per year. Payment is made in advance and it is non refundable as any other plan. If you have an active subscription, your plan doesn’t support yearly plans yet. Yearly plans support will be available when next period has been activated.

Markdown Comments

By Saiki Tanabe Aug 10, 2015

Sketching is fun and together with teammates it is even more fun, but sometimes teammates are not online at the same time. You might want to add some explanation, track open ideas or have questions to your teammates. So you write an email and send it to your teammates. Information is then distributed in different channels and you need to link to the board manually. That’s a little bit of trouble, but that’s in the past now.

HipChat Server Support

By Saiki Tanabe Jul 10, 2015

Good news for HipChat server users. Now for HipChat supports HipChat Server instances as well. To install Slash command on your HipChat server, go to your Group admin pages and select Integrations tab. Your HipChat Server instance should be addressable and not behind firewall. Until there is an official HipChat server listing for Slash command you can already install add on using an integration descriptor.

Organize and Group Sketches

By Saiki Tanabe May 19, 2015

Good news for heavy weight users. For quite some time, users have requested a way to organize or link boards. Tag feature is the first step to provide a bit of both. Tags make: easier to find boards group boards together switch quickly between related boards Group and Find boards Tags are similar to folders with the exception that the hierarchy is flat. Group related work together like marketing, technical and user interface design boards together, or bundle sketches based on users working with them.

Markdown Links and Shape Link Indicator

By Saiki Tanabe May 19, 2015

We have heard you and linking external web pages or boards should be improved. Markdown Links Users have requested markdown shapes to support links. It definitely makes possible to write more rich content. Open markdown editor by double clicking e.g. a Note shape. Select text Click link icon or press Cmd+L (Mac) or Ctrl+L (Win/Linux) Write link name inside [Google Search] and URL inside (**)** After you have closed markdown editor, only link name is shown.

How to prevent CDN caching your updated JavaScript files

By Saiki Tanabe May 11, 2015

It is very annoying when you have updated your JavaScript files and then browser or some other caching entity caches your files and your latest changes are not there. I have tried to prevent this happening by hashing JavaScript file names manually, but process was very error prone. Therefore process was automated with small helper called Minish. When you change JavaScript files to be loaded from CDN to provide faster application load time. Meets Real-time Presentation

By Saiki Tanabe Apr 9, 2015

To be honest, this is a feature that I needed my self. I needed to present and didn’t want to use Keynote or PowerPoint. I have always liked how Impress.js allows you to keep presentation using an endless canvas. I could have extracted parts of a sketchboard and add those to a separate impress.js presentation, but I didn’t. Impress.js mindset is so close to using endless canvas that I wanted to use Sketchboard.

All New Shapes with Search

By Saiki Tanabe Mar 17, 2015

Happy to introduce a bunch of new shapes, new context menu with shape search. Until now have had a limited set of shapes. That has worked quite well, though from time to time there are requests to new shapes. It is always possible to describe entities with boxes and it is still one of the fastest way to sketch your ideas, but sometimes it is more fun to have shapes that looks like the entity.

Sketch Gallery

By Saiki Tanabe Jan 27, 2015

Sketch Gallery is a new service that supports a way to share how you think about Sketch Design. Share how you approach problems by sketching. Site is like GitHub for public projects, get inspired or inspire others. You can publish sketches through supports public and private boards. Public boards are automatically published on Sketch Gallery. Private boards can be manually published from the menu “Publish on Gallery”. Private boards are never published automatically.