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Sketchboard's Online UML tool helps you to make UML diagrams with ease. Collaborate through UML class diagrams, sequence diagrams, use case diagrams, and more!

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Rita from Boston
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Saiki from Helsinki
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UML Diagram maker for online collaboration

Do you need a UML class diagram for software documentation, a UML use case diagram for mapping high-level requirements, or something else? Sketchboard’s UML Architecture diagram tool supports you to boost your team’s creativity and efficiency.

UML Diagram tool for software professionals

Sketchboard is designed for software engineering professionals by putting privacy and security to the core of its UML diagram software. Enjoy creating countless UML diagrams on Sketchboard’s infinite canvas securely.

Share your UML diagram with ease

Online UML diagrams created on Sketchboard are easy to export as pdf, jpeg, png and svg. Slack, Google Drive and GitHub integrations make things even smoother for the software teams to develop class diagrams, sequence diagrams and all others.

Online UML tool for agile development

Creating UML Architecture Diagrams is not always simple. Sketchboard’s real time collaboration features get your team a common understanding. Send and receive feedback with ease, increase the speed and quality of your software development process.

Uses for UML Diagram Software

UML use case diagram tool

Use case diagrams allow you to draft out the services your system provides, giving you a chance to complete functionalities on a basic level before iterating your design further. Making a use case diagram with a UML diagram maker helps you to plan high level functionalities of your system.

UML class diagram tool

Class diagram is one of the structural UML types. Make a UML class diagram to give a notation baseline for other UML structure diagrams. UML class diagram tool helps you to demonstrate the structure of classifiers in the system. Class diagrams are also useful for business-focused teams in the organization.

UML state machine diagram tool

State machine diagrams (also known as state diagrams) are behavioral UML diagrams. Create UML State diagrams with Sketchboard’s online UML tool to document how an entity changes states as a response to different events. State diagrams are also useful to demonstrate the different use cases for business purposes.

Why should I use a UML Diagram tool?

UML is widely accepted

UML (Unified modeling language) is one of the widest used process and workflow modeling languages. In addition to software architecture diagrams, UML diagrams can be used for other several business functions. Using a commonly accepted way to visualize your ideas can make things much easier.

UML diagram tool makes things smoother

UML Diagram makers support you to focus on the right thing: visualization your ideas. A good combination of flexibility and structure for a tool is a must. A UML Diagram designer shouldn't limit you, instead it should enhance your capabilities. Easy to use interface, infinite canvas, and rich icon library are important features to consider.

UML designer boost software architecture visualization

Being able to utilize a UML diagram tool will open up new possibilities in your team to visualize your ideas. Collaborative software diagramming tools sparks new ideas and makes difficult problems easy. Features such as comments and chat are worth checking out to get the best value from your online UML tool.

UML provides flexibility

UML offers a wide variety of structure and behaviour diagram options such as activity diagram, sequence diagram and deployment diagram. The uses of UML diagrams expanded into many other business and design related contexts. Using a UML Diagram tool can support you with various icons and structures that can be specialized in your domain.