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Sketchboard's online flowchart tool is here to speed up your work. Build and improve your online flowcharts with ease. Save time, and make sure everybody is on the same page.

Online Flowchart Creator

Get a better overview of your software implementation with flowcharts. They’re quick and easy to draft, with automated connections and drag and drop options. Every time a node is dragged on the board the connections will automatically be redrawn, indicate the most direct path.

A flowchart maker, not here for a fight

Sketchboard’s flowchart software emphasizes a simple and flexible experience. No need to fight with complex rules or over-complicated features. Get a smooth experience to boost your creativity. Make your flowchart drafts quickly, and improve them as you go.

Online flowchart software for collaboration

Flowcharts are created to make sure everybody is on the same page. Online flowchart diagrams created on Sketchboard can be exported as pdf, jpeg, png and svg. Enhance your team communication with Slack, Google Drive, and GitHub integrations.

Flowchart tool for continuous improvement

The world changes, so do your flowcharts. Sketchboard’s flowchart maker offers real-time collaboration opportunities to quickly get your team a common understanding. Add comments, receive feedback, and make your flowcharts better.

Private and secure space for flow mapping

Flowcharts can include highly private content that requires a safe and secure space. Sketchboard’s flowchart creator pursues the highest privacy and security standards to protect your data.

Security at Sketchboard

Flowchart maker features for the best results

Infinite canvas with infinite possibilities

Having an infinite space on the canvas enables more variations for creating flowcharts. Zoom in and zoom out as the scale of your project and workflows change over time. Resize the canvas to make sure all of your ideas fit in an organized way. Don’t let the canvas limit your creativity.

Right shapes & icons on the flowchart

Building a good flowchart takes time and many iterations. A wide variety of shapes and icons enhances the ability to visualize flows. Sketchboard’s flowchart tool provides 400+ built-in shapes and offers the possibility to add your own images. Make your flowcharts more appealing and clear with creative visuals.

Easy connections between flowchart items

The flowchart creation process comes with a structural thinking approach. Dynamic connections between shapes make sure the flowchart looks clean and beautiful even for the flowchart drafts in early phases. Move the shapes around, let Sketchboard reroute the connections automatically.

Customizable background for smooth flow mapping

Alternative background options for the flowchart maker uplift the experience both for the audience and the creator. Choose the option that works best to customize the visual look of your flowchart. The background modes also come with different default drawing colors. Which type of background do you prefer? Grid, Dark, Sepia, White, or Paper?

Customizable drawing style

Some flowcharts are not built to look perfect, but to serve as a starting point for discussions. Sketchboard’s awesome mode provides an organic and “unofficial” look to collect feedback more easily. Change the drawing style to “corporate mode” when it is time to put it out there, to impress people.