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Export Only Selected Elements

From now on Sketchboard obeys selected elements when exporting a board. In case you have selected some elements from the board, exports obeys the selection. In case you don’t select anything, full board will be exported. Steps Select elements Select export method, e.g. Print Export Only Selected Elements as PNG Export Only Selected Downloaded File

Flowdock Integration

When your team uses Flowdock as a virtual room to keep everybody uptodate in the team. Sketchboard brings to that collaboration a virtual visual board. In Sketchboard you can sketch ideas together at the same time or separately when you have time. One possible way to work is to draft something out and have conversation about the design on Flowdock. For that purpose it is now possible to send a message from Sketchboard to Flowdock Team Inbox.

User Account and Team Account

When you sign up, Sketchboard creates a user account that is called My Profile in Sketchboard. In case you have not been earlier added to a team on Sketchboard, Sketchboard creates a default team account for you. You can add team members to the team and share boards with them easily and securily. By default boards are private and you need to select the boards that are shared. User Account == My Profile You can update your Sketchboard profile from “Settings” => “My Profile”.

Map View

Map view allows users to quickly see the board at once. This is especially useful when big board do not fit to the screen. To enable Map View keep z key down. Recenter the board by moving your mouse and release z key. Map View is only enabled when elements are not edited. New Shortcuts + zooms in (when not editing an element) - zooms out (when not editing an element)