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Introducing Images

Happy to introduce images on Sketchboard. This has been one of the most requested features. Images can be now dragged and dropped on a board when using one of premium plans.

  • first open a board
  • drag image from your desktop to the board

Images can be used as normal elements, connect and resize images as you wish. Uploaded images are found from an image library. The image library is accessed through board context menu or from the right-hand side image library. Double click or long press board to open the context menu and select image library.

Double click board => Board Context Menu => Select image library icon

Board Context Menu

Image library => Select image to be added on a board

Image Library

You can reuse images from the image library on different boards. Since images are automatically added to the library, you can remove pictures by clicking “Modify library”. Library and board images are living separate lives. If you delete an image from the library, the image will be still kept on a board and vice versa.

Modify Image Library

Image upload from iPad is supported through “Upload Image” icon.

Image Library

Example usages

Whiteboard Image

You just had a good meeting with a potential solution on a whiteboard. Take a picture from the meeting room whiteboard. Upload image directly from your iPad and continue drawing on Sketchboard. You can draw freehand on top of it and export it as a new image.

Sketchboard can act as meeting minutes form your meeting, or you can continue the work using Sketchboard.

Comment Visual Design

You can upload an image of a visual design e.g. of a website. Add comments on top of the image and iterate design quickly and effortlessly.

Take, e.g., screenshot from an existing user interface. Draw new feature on top of the image using Sketchboard freehand. Get comments directly from the board.

Space Usage and Image Cleanup

Image support is available only on teams using one of the premium plans. The limitation is due to expenses coming from transferring and storing images on S3. S3 is not a backup for your pictures, but very durable storage for your photos.


Due to expenses coming from storing images. There will be a cleanup of the pictures. After the subscription has expired, you have two months time to reactivate your account until images are removed from the team forever without a possibility to recover those. Pictures will be shown as empty on boards that are using removed images.

Browser support

  • Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE 11
  • Images cannot be uploaded using IE9