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Sketchboard API

Create Board

Creates a board and shares the board on a default team of the user.


Content-Type: application/json


user_email Required User in service. Board will be created on a user_email default team and always shared between team members even if board_password is given.
board_name Name of the board to be created.
add_users Users to be added on user_email default team. user_email needs to be admin of the team.
board_password Sets password to the board to allow anonymous access.
  "user_email" : "",
  "board_name" : "Hello Sketch",
  "board_password" : "this is a secret",
  "add_users" : ["", ""]


url service URL. Either a direct board URL or next step to be done, like sign up at

Status values above 0 means, board was created, but there was some error.
Status value 0 mean, request was successful
Status values below 0 means, board was not created.

	<strong>Status values:</strong><br>
	2: Board created, but you are not admin of the team and cannot add new users.<br>
	1: Board created, but members not added. Current plan doesn't support this many members.<br>
	0: Board created<br>
	-1: User not found<br>
	-2: Trial expired<br>
	-3: Subscription expired<br>
	-5: Unknown error<br>
msg Human readable status message. See mapped status messages.
board_name Optional If board name is given in the request.
HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8

Example: Successful Response

	"url":"<created board id>",
	"board_name":"Hello Project",
	"msg":"Board created"

Example: Failure Response

	"msg":"User not found"

Example: Create Board Request

curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" -XPOST 
	'' -d '
  "user_email" : "",
  "board_name" : "Hello Sketch",
  "board_password" : "this is a secret",
  "add_users" : ["", ""]