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Flowdock Integration

When your team uses Flowdock as a virtual room to keep everybody uptodate in the team. Sketchboard brings to that collaboration a virtual visual board.

In Sketchboard you can sketch ideas together at the same time or separately when you have time. One possible way to work is to draft something out and have conversation about the design on Flowdock. For that purpose it is now possible to send a message from Sketchboard to Flowdock Team Inbox.

Flowdock Inbox Messages:

  • Send board snapshots to your flows
  • Automatic message when board is shared
  • Automatic message when board is commented. Enabled when board is shared with the account.

Sketchboard Flowdock Team Inbox Message

Flowdock Sketchboard Inbox Message

Message contains picture that is a snapshot of the board, optional content and link to the latest version of the board.


All you need is a Flow API token.

  1. Account admin adds Flow API Token through +Integrations menu
  2. Go to to retrieve your flow API token
  3. Select “Sent to Flowdock” menu item
  4. Select correct flow name and sent the message
  • optionally change subject
  • optionally write custom content to the message

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