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Summer Feature Recap

We’re well into a typical Finnish summer. The evenings are bright and the weather changes faster than we can blink. Our community keeps growing - we’re over 87k visual thinkers. This post is a quick recap of our newest features. It’s our way to welcome newcomers and touch base with long-term users. Some features came by popular demand. After all, we value feedback and any chance to engage with other visual thinkers. But knowing the team, I can tell you we’ve the same every-day headaches, and we’re just as happy to see these new practical solutions.

Selecting line weight

Perfect Summer Office? Here you can work, have lunch and enjoy sauna (Hernesaarenranta, Löyly)

Selecting line weight

Freehand drawing became faster. You can now choose the right line weight before you start. We’ve got you covered for 1, 2, 3, 6, 12 and 24 px. To select a line color, just click on the palette next to the line weight menu.

Selecting line weight

Text alignment

Making boards readable shouldn’t be a waste of time. Now you can click on all notes and text shapes and select a text alignment from the shape context menu.

Setting text alignment for note or text shape

CSV export

On a more experimental note, we have enabled CSV export. You can now generate an excel file by selecting areas of your board or diagram. This way you get a clear inventory of shapes and connections. We hope this helps with data analysis. If there’s enough interest to justify it, we might soon consider open sourcing part of the export functionality. Remember to check our channels for updates.

Sample CSV export

Slack integration

Last but not least, did you know you can invite members of a single Slack team into multiple Sketchboard teams? Yes, our list of Slack integration options got more complete. Follow the links below to learn more. We’ll be here to help if any questions come to mind.

Over to you now! Try the new features and give us your opinion. In the meantime we’ll keep working to improve onboarding.

Enjoy your summer!