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Sketchboard Supports Private Slack Channels

Sketchboard brings sketch diagramming on Slack for distributed teams to communicate together visually at the same time. New sketch diagramming whiteboard can be created directly from a Slack channel with a slash command.

/sketch Awesome Idea

Slash command can be used from a public or private Slack channels. After your collaborative sketching session with your teammates you are able to send a snapshot of your sketch diagram to a channel of your choice.

Sketchboard used to list all your public team channels, but not the private ones. Now Sketchboard adds support also to send snapshot to your private channels that you are allowed to access.

If you haven’t installed Sketchboard for Slack integration yet you can get it from Slack App Directory,

Configure Sketchboard to list your Slack team private channels


In order to list your private Slack channels you need to renew your personal user authorization from a Sketchboard team. Go to your Slack integration page by selecting “Team Settings” from the menu.

To list your private Slack channels, Sketchboard needs additional OAuth scope, groups:read. Groups:read allows Sketchboard to list only those private channels that you are part of.

Scroll to the bottom of the Slack integration page and you can find your personal Slack user authorization, which Skethboard needs to upload snapshot image to Slack. You might have multiple authorizations for each of your Slack teams. Click remove icon for each authorizations to renew it.


Now send snapshot to Slack to renew your personal authorization by selecting “Send snapshot to Slack”

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