sketchboard blog hit 100K users reached 100000 users

Thank you for making Sketchboard possible! Sketchboard has reached 100,000 users, and continues on bootstrapped path on a grazy startup world where VC funding is mostly everything. We have taken slightly different approach, and in current state Sketchboard’s monthly revenue stream has reached brake even. We are working towards long lasting sustainable business.

Sketchboard is still far from perfect and there is lot to do, but you have shown that there is definitely a need for an online team whiteboard tool like Sketchboard. We continue to make Sketchboard better.

This autumn we have had our short hickups due to increased amount of users. That is a positive problem of scaling the service for the demand. During the autumn Sketchboard has been scaled up twice. We’ll be writing about our scaling options later.

We want to thank you all for being part of this journey!