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Business plan is the most powerful and flexible way of using Sketchboard

Team collaboration is deeply built-in to Sketchboard’s DNA. We designed the team structure to maximize your collaboration between members. Teams are common spaces that every member has access to all of the boards -of course, except personal boards.

When your team gets larger or more diverse, you might realize that a single team is not enough anymore. Perhaps you have multiple projects, working with different people, and you need to restrict access for those separately. Sketchboard’s business plan is here for managing multiple teams and more complex tasks in your organization.

Business plan includes unlimited team inside a Sketchboard organization

We design Sketcboard’s Business plan to boost visual collaboration of larger teams which might need more complicated access management features. You can consider upgrading to the business plan if you relate some of the examples here:

  • Your product manager belongs to multiple development project teams,
  • You have separate teams for each development project,
  • A Single-Sign-On (SSO) solution is needed for all the tools that you use in your organization,
  • You need to manage access rights of the boards for your internal team and the external parties such as clients, consultants etc.
  • You have a support team,
  • Some of your team members (such as HR, or Finance) need a more confidential space for visual collaboration,
  • Internal training teams need a safe space to learn without peer pressure, where only the participating users can see and edit the boards.
Sketchboard's business plan can be used by multiple teams

5 reasons why the business plan is the most powerful plan for using Sketchboard

If you have a larger team, your visual communication needs might require more sophisticated features. Do you need multiple private teams, Single-Sign-On, or more storage space? Business plan is here to deliver what you want. Keep reading and learn why you should upgrade to the business plan.

1. Unlimited number of private teams

Organization allows you to separate work between different teams. Create multiple teams within your organization to separate who is able to access your boards. Team is a security unit. Only team members can access private team boards within a team. Organization administrators can administer Sketchboard teams without belonging to the team, e.g. by IT people.

2. Read-only users

Business plan also includes read-only users with team-level access rights. This is especially useful when you have external parties (consultants, auditors etc.) to show your work in a team. For every team in your organization, you can create a maximum number of 5 read-only users.

3. Single-Sign-On

Sketchboard’s business plan supports Single Sign-On (SSO) using Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML). Currently, Sketchboard officially supports Okta SSO/SAML, which means that Okta SSO/SAML configuration is documented and tested. With that said, if you want to get support for another identity provider (IDP), let us know!

4. Increased storage

Business plan includes increased storage space for images and board snapshot versions. Every team member gets 1GB of storage space in the organization.

5. Single billing for all teams

Business plan unifies billing for all teams and teams do not need to worry about the subscription. You have a single invoice for the whole organization. The flexible pricing structure of the business plan grows or shrinks based-on daily users within all organization’s teams. One user can belong to multiple teams and is calculated only once.

Getting business plan

Upgrading to the business plan is quite straightforward. Check out the pricing page, and follow the instructions. You can also upgrade your team plan to the business plan at any time you want. Check out how to do it here. Note that the minimum charged organization size is 5 users.