sketchboard changelog 4


We improve Sketchboard all the time by releasing bug fixes, improvements, new features, and updated documentation. We wanted to have a place where Sketchboard users can see the progress of Sketchboard. Thank you for reporting bugs!

This page contains most notable changes and is Sketchboard's #changelog since Autumn 2018. NOTE: List not updated since 2023-02.

April 2019

2019-04-26 Update SVG icons to use inline SVG. Fixes broken icons on Windows 10. More about how to use inline SVG icons.

2019-04-10 Get your invoice PDF as an invoice email attachment. This helps especially businesses to process invoices by the accounting department or you need it for an expense report. Invoice email includes also instructions how to update billing details,

2019-04-02 Update sign up and join team transactional notification’s email provider.

March 2019

2019-03-30 Change focus behaviour when starting to edit a shape when zoomed out. Improve synchronization on iPad Pro PWA app.

2019-03-27 Improve iPad Pro PWA experience on iOS 12.2 using Google Login. Add landing page for

2019-03-20 Your Information Page added. List of your Sketchboard information that you can access at any time. Go to your profile and select Your Information.

Menu > Settings > My Account

2019-03-16 Fix export adds extra space in some cases.

2019-03-15 Improve shape text editor usability on iPad Pro. Fix markdown line separator color.

2019-03-08 Improve realtime collaboration on a shape text update. Same text on a new shape was not saved.

2019-03-07 Add support for pointer events. Sketchboard works now e.g. with Surface Book touch screen and with its pen.

Improve iPad Pro overall user experience and usage with iPad Pro pen.

February 2019

2019-02-10 Fix PNG export with colored shapes.

January 2019

2019-01-30 Performance improvements on adding, deleting and moving shapes on big boards. Huge boards got gradually slower on insert, delete and move.

December 2018

2018-12-27 Fix hpart and vpart corporate style elements.

2018-12-14 Fix Package corporate style element. Add functionality to export public board as PDF on a paid plan.

November 2018

2018-11-30 Kill user sessions when changing a user password.

2018-11-22 Fix regression bug when moving relationship text.

2018-11-22 Fix forever loop when attaching relationship to its own label text.

2018-11-21 Add initial support for a Dark mode. The legacy black background is changed to full Dark mode.

2018-11-21 Add functionality to regenerate Organization invoices.

2018-11-04 Fix relationship crash on delete. When deleting a connection from a handle helper, Sketchboard crashed.

October 2018

2018-10-29 Fix orphan relationship related to shape. Caused to trying to save shapes with ghost relationships.

2018-10-28 Fix move shape to bottom crash.

2018-10-18 Fix presentation regression bug. The text is not shown in presentation mode.

2018-10-07 Fix Kubernetes environment board export when board contains images. Sometimes production environment loads images so fast that img onload event is not always fired.

2018-10-05 Add Kubernetes cluster to export a board using a Chrome headless. Improved board export quality and support links inside PDF export. Horizontally scalable and more fault tolerant (heals itself) board export.

September 2018

2018-09-05 Add support for Amazon Web Service Official Icons. View and add AWS category icons such as Compute Engine, type compute_ on the context menu search.