sketchboard changelog 2


We improve Sketchboard all the time by releasing bug fixes, improvements, new features, and updated documentation. We wanted to have a place where Sketchboard users can see the progress of Sketchboard. Thank you for reporting bugs!

This page contains most notable changes and is Sketchboard's #changelog since Autumn 2018. NOTE: List not updated since 2023-02.

July 2021

2021-07-30 Performance problems FIXED when using Chrome version 92

We have updated Sketchboard and implemented a workaround that causes performance problems on Chrome v92 with SVG.

Now you can open your large boards on Chrome as well.

2021-07-29 Performance problems detected when using Chrome version 92

Big boards are slow to open due to a performance bug on Chrome version 92. We are looking in to the problem.

As a workaround, use Safari or Firefox to open your big boards.

2021-07-10 Sketchboard added support for system templates

Now it is easier to get create new boards with a premade content.

Create a board based on system templates

June 2021

2021-06-05 Support rotate on uploaded photos

Added support to rotate uploaded images.

2021-06-05 Update how connections attach to shape

Now when connecting shape on edge of a shape, it will use fixed connections.

Now it needs to be dragged to the center of the shape to use automatically routed connections.

May 2021

2021-05-18 Rotate Shape Feature

Now it is possible to rotate shapes on board. Rotate can be applied to a shape by first clicking the shape to show the rotate handle. Shape starts to rotate when dragging the rotate handle. When rotating it shows the angle and snaps every 90 degrees.

Rotate shape on Sketchboard

2021-05-18 Shape Library Categories

Now Sketchboard shows library categories for shapes on the right hand side of a board.

Select library categories

March 2021

2021-03-2 New pricing category

Enterprise plan provides more flexibility. Some examples of customization. Set a fixed number of users that the plan supports. Pricing is tiered. Set up SAML SSO. Possibility to pay first time with an invoice.

2021-03-31 Electronic Symbol Shapes

Sketchboard added some electronic symbol shapes to the service.

Double click the empty board to open the context menu, then type e.g. elec on the search bar and Sketchboard shows all electronic shapes available on Sketchboard.

Search electronic symbols in Sketchboard Electronic symbols in Sketchboard

February 2021

2021-02-16 Sign in with SSO

Sign in with SSO

Sketchboard has added an option to setup sign in with SSO for the Organization subscribers. At first, Okta IDP is supported officially. Let us know if there are other providers that you would like to get officially supported.

SSO configuration guide will be available soon.

2021-02-16 Change how you sign in on Sketchboard

Change how you sign in on Sketchboard

Now you can change how you sign in on Sketchboard.

In case, you have signed in using “Sign in with Google”, you can now change the sign in type to password login.

In case you are part of an Organization that uses “Sign in with SSO”, you need to explicitely switch to SSO sign in, before you can use SSO on Sketchboard.

2021-02-16 Log out directly from Dashboard menu

Dashboard Security Menu with Log out

Added on option to log out from the dashboard.

December 2020

2020-12-12 Sketchboard whiteboard for Slack integration updated with granular permissions.

Existing integations need to be reinstalled. How to reinstall: remove and install integration again.

2020-12-09 AWS group shapes added on Sketchboard.

Search AWS group shapes on Sketchboad

2020-12-07 Four new generic container shapes. Search container shapes with container keyword.

Search Sketchboard's container shapes

Container shapes are always one layer below the other shapes. In case you have container shapes on top of each other you need to order the containers using move to background or top functions. Those can be found on shape context menu.

Search Sketchboard's container shapes

Example diagram with next generation AWS icons.

Sketchboard container example

Add a possibility to attach text to uploaded image shapes.

November 2020

2020-11-10 Fix sketch shapes regression bug. Some of the sketch shapes were not shown and were replaced with corporate icons.

2020-11-09 Fix freehand export bug. Freehand background was always white on export.

2020-11-09 Improve exported file naming. Now file is downloaded as the board name not the URL id of the board.

2020-11-06 Improve dashboard to quickly switch between teams.

2020-11-05 Fix versions date.

October 2020

2020-10-26 Added new AWS2 architectural icons. AWS2 default icon background supports gradient colors. AWS2 icons background color can be changed to fixed color.

September 2020

2020-09-24 A new dashboard. Now Sketchboard opens a dashboard when you login to Sketchboard. Dashboard’s goal is to give you a better view what is happening in the team(s). You can immediately see the latest team boards and pick the one that you want to work with. Dashboard also allows you to switch the team that should be active or navigate to your Sketchboard organization.

Sketchboard new dashboard

2020-09-20 Fix image library selection mark when deleting images.

August 2020

2020-08-28 Fix real-time extra shapes usage.

Fix comment navigation doesn’t work when shape is switched. Now comment is attached to the newly switched shape.

2020-08-22 Added a global load balancer on front of Sketchboard. Support for TLS 1.3 and shorter latency all around the world.

July 2020

2020-07-01 Improve presentation. Now it is possible to take parts of a board that are close to each other, and slide content won’t overlap.

2020-07-01 New onboarding tutorial.

June 2020

2020-06-01 Fix offline edits are not saved on server.

Sketchboard supports a short and small offline edits and that behaviour was broken on our last Safari tab fix. E.g. short offline edit might happen when we do a build. Now small offline edits functionality is fixed.

2020-06-01 Added quick buttons to create a new board and add teammates directly from a board.