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What is an organization in Sketchboard?

Organizations in Sketchboard allow you to separate work between different teams. Teammates can edit or view boards only if they belong to a team. In the business plan (previously called as organization plan), you can have an unlimited number of private teams and the users in your organization can belong to multiple teams. Organizations and teams on Sketchboard

Upgrade from team plan to business plan

To upgrade an existing team to the business plan, click “Add Teammates”. Organizations and teams on Sketchboard Next “Manage Subscription” Add teammates button from the menu Pick “Upgrade Plan” Team information window Select “Choose Business”. Sketchboard business plan upgrade button Type organization name and click “Choose Business”. Your current team billing information will be moved under the created organization. On the next invoice you will be credited for the unused team subscription time and charged for the remaining time for the current month + next month business plan subscription. Note that updating a team to the business plan cannot be undone. Upgrade payment section

Sketchboard shows your active team on the upper left corner of your board. Working with multiple teams requires you to switch teams. You can have different teams on different browser tabs. Your last selection becomes your “default team” and it is loaded the next time you open Sketchboard.

  1. Click your current team button that is available on the top left of your board. Sketchboard current active team button Team bar can be opened using a shortcut command+K / Ctrl+K, or it can be accessed through the menu
Menu > Switch Team
Sketchboard business plan upgrade button
  1. When the team bar is open on the left side (command+K / Ctrl+K), you can use numbers on your keyboard to move to the team you want. Sketchboard switching teams on the left side menu

Please keep in mind that the new boards are visible to your team by default. You can change the visibility of your board to personal if you need to design or prepare ideas personally. If you want your board to be visible to everyone, you can make your board public as well.

Create new teams in an organization

Creating a new team in the business plan is very easy. If you belong to an organization on Sketchboard, every new team you create will be a part of that organization.

Please note that you need to be the primary owner or organization admin in order to create a new team.

  1. On the upper left corner of your board, click the team button (the second box from left). Alternatively, you can press command + K or Ctrl + K Sketchboard current active team button

  2. Click “ + ” at the bottom of the team bar (on the left side of your board) Adding a new team on Sketchboard

  3. Enter the name of your new team. You are ready to go! Editing new team name

Add new team members to the organization

Teammates are added to an organization through the application. Organization admins and the primary owner of the organization can assign and manage the roles in the whole organization.

There are multiple ways to add a new team member. The easiest way to add a new team member is by using the top bar on the left.

  1. Switch to the current team that you want new people to add (shortcut: command+K or Ctrl+K).

  2. Click add teammate button on the top left bar.

Adding a new teammate to your organization
  1. Enter the email address of the person you want to add, and click Add User
Entering the email address to add a new teammate

Manage roles in business plan

Business plan offers different types of roles for you to manage your organization. For more information about the roles, click here.

Changing roles of existing users in your organization

The organization settings can be found on the application menu.

Menu > Settings > Organization Settings

If you’re an Organization Primary Owner or an Organization Admin, you can find your Organization and click on “Manage Users”. This will take you to the user management area. (Please note that this won’t work if you’re not an Organization Primary Owner or Admin). organization settings screen on Sketchboard

Promote an Organization User to Admin / Turn a User into an Organization Member: Organization users management

Manage team roles in your organization

The Organization Primary Owner and Admins can add or remove users from any team by clicking on “Manage Team”. Teams inside the organization The team page can be used to add or remove users, as well as to change their roles. Managing team members

Move boards between teams

The boards on Sketchboard can be moved between different teams inside the same organization. Learn more.

Delete users from your organization

You can delete users from your organization plan whenever you want. Check how it affects your subscription and payments here.

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