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Software Design should be effortless. Your energy should go into what really matters - making ideas work, rather than just making them look good.

Sketchboard specializes on agile software design, offering pre-drawn shapes for all your sketches and diagrams.

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Edit boards with your team, keep track of everyone’s mouse movements and changes.

Send and receive feedback in real-time. A chat is automatically started every time you post a comment.

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Plan Highlevel Functionalities with Use-Case Diagrams

Use-case diagrams allow you to draft out the services your system provides, giving you a chance to complete functionalities on a basic level before iterating your design further.

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Online Flowchart Maker

Get a better overview of your software implementation with flowcharts. They’re quick and easy to draft, with automated connections and drag and drop options. Every time a node is dragged on the board the connections will automatically be redrawn, indicate the most direct path.

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Get an Overview of Your Design

In the end you have sketched a map for your service. When you start to concentrate on details you will not forget the big picture. You can always come back and iterate your design.

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