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Zoom with a Mouse Wheel

Sketchboard users have requested to be able to zoom with mouse wheel on big boards. Now it is here! Mouse wheel can be used to zoom in and out. Zoom focuses to current mouse position. It works in similar way as Google Maps:

scroll up - zooms out scroll down - zooms in

MacOSX users can enabled it with two fingers to scroll up and down on a track pad.

Earlier zoom options focuses on center of a board and those are:

  • +, zoom in
  • -, zoom out
  • Z, map view, double click to focus

Usability Improvements

Usability has been improved when starting to edit text of a shape. When you have zoomed out and double click a shape to edit it. Sketchboard zooms in and focuses the shape.

Wheel zoom can be started also from a map view. Wheel zoom disables map view and zooms to your mouse location.

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