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Sketchboard Shortcuts

Drawing Area Shortcuts

Shortcut What it does
Space key
  • Shows board context menu
  • If shape is selected, shows shape switch
  • If relationship is selected, shows connection type switch
  • Selects shape/connection on context menu
  • Arrow keys change focused shape or connection type
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Z key Shows Map View of the board. Move mouse to new location. Release z key to recenter the board.
- key Zoom Out
+ key Zoom In
0 key Reset zoom
F key Enable/Disable Free hand drawing.
F + Shift key Draw straight or 45 degree lines. Learn.
shift key + drag board background Lasso selection. Either drag over multiple elements or select elements individually.
shift key + drag shape resize handle Resize shape and keep aspect ratio. Drag from resize handle and keep shift key down.
DEL key or Backspace Deletes selected elements.
F2 or Enter key Edit text for currently selected shape
Cmd/Ctrl + P key Show visual board index, search boards and switch boards quickly
Alt + N key Create new board
Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + Click Open link from a selected element
Cmd + C (Mac)
Ctrl + C (Win/Linux)
Copy elements. Copy individual items e.g. to an other board.
Cmd + V (Mac)
Ctrl + V (Win/Linux)
Paste copied elements. Paste individual items e.g. to an other board.
Alt + E key Edit presentation
Alt + P key Start real-time presentation

Markdown Editor Shortcuts

Shortcut What it does
Cmd+B (Mac)
Cntr+B (Win/Linux)
Bold selected text
Cmd+I (Mac)
Cntr+I (Win/Linux)
Make selected text italic
Cmd+L (Mac)
Cntr+L (Win/Linux)
Create a link from the selected text
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