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Sharing Board

Share Private Board

You can share private personal board with your teammates by clicking board name and selecting “Team Board”. Teammates that are online are circled with a green icon.

Share board with teammates

You can find team boards from the boards menu.

Boards Menu

Team Boards filter shows board that are shared by you or someone from your team. Shared with Me filter shows only boards that are shared by someone else than you. Team Boards Filter

Share Private Board Outside of Your Team

Password sharing can be used to share private personal or team board outside of your team. You need to share password separately to correct stakeholders. Note that anyone with the password and URL can edit the board. Sketchboard support password sharing up to 3 simultaneous user per board.

Set password for a board from:

Share private personal or team board with a password

Find all password shared boards from the Menu => Boards (Cmd+P or Ctrl+P) and select “Password Shared” filter.

Share private personal or team board with a password

Share Public Board

Public boards can be shared just by sending the board link either through email, chat or similar media.

Share Public Board

Public board might be completely public where anyone can view and edit the board. Board is completely public until it is accessed by someone who has logged in on First logged in user that access the board takes the board ownership.

Anyone can view owned public boards as well, but only teammates can edit owned public boards.

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