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Markdown Text Formatting

Highlight important topics on your board using markdown text formatting.

Sketchboard supports markdown, CommonMark and GFM (GitHub Flavored Markdown) text formatting on Notes, Just Text and connection labels.

Please find CommonMark and GFM for more details on formatting.


Markdown provides two styles to write headings.

Heading Example

Note Element Heading Syntax (Notes)

Just Text Element Heading Just Text


Notes Bullets Syntax Just Text Bullets

You can use either - or * characters for bullet point.

- First Level 1

    - Second Level 1

        - Third Level 1

Note, Nested level bullets are 4/8 spaces. You can use TAB to autofill 4 space characters in the editor.

Bold and Italics

Bold and Italic

Task list

Task list can be created with the following syntax.

* [ ] todo
* [x] done
  • todo
  • done

Indented code & quote


 1.  A paragraph piece

        indented code

    > A block quote.

Unrendered and rendered look on Sketchboard

Example of markdown formatting


Table content example:

| Col 1 |  Col 2 |
| - | - |
|first cell content | second cell content |
|second row column 1 | second row column 2 |

Unrendered and rendered look on Sketchboard

Example table with markdown formatting

Emphasized text

You can `emphasize text` in the middle of a sentence.

You can emphasize text in the middle of a sentence.

Learn how to highlight your programming language on Sketchboard using markdown.


When you want to show characters used in formatting, those needs to be escaped with \. Note Escaping

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