sketchboard help

Getting Started

See example sketches at Sketch Gallery

Add Shapes

Shapes can be added in two ways:

  1. Drag and drop shapes from the library

Click or hover green arrow icon on the right edge of a board to show the shape library.

  1. Double click empty board area

Quick Connect Shapes

  • Select
  • Double click empty area.
  • Shift + double click to create sibling.
  • ESC to cancel.

Connect Shapes

  • Select a shape
  • Selection toggles circles visibility on edges of the shape
  • Connect by dragging from circles

Note that Sketchboard auto reconnects arrow to shortest path when shapes have originally connectected using the shortest path.


  • On/off toggle F Key.
  • Drag to draw.
  • Shift + drag draws straight lines.
  • Double click closes path.

Move Background

Drag board background to get more sketching space.

Markdown Notes

Note, just text and connection text elements supports markdown.

Map View

  • Press Z Key
  • Move mouse
  • Double click to focus
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