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Forget post-its, sketch something!


Anyone who has ever taken part in an ideation or prototyping workshop of some sorts will be very familiar with post-it notes. A wonderful innovation that was born out of a failed attempt to create a super-strong adhesive. This invention first conceived in 1968 by Dr Spencer Silver, a scientist at 3M, and further developed by Arthur Fry in the 1970s still remains in broad use. And for a reason.

Post-it notes have presented a convenient platform for jotting down ideas and doing some manual processing such as grouping and selection. But will this be enough in the digital future?

Unfortunately not.

Paper has its limitations to effective ideation and prototyping. You run out of space to write on. You have trouble moving large numbers of post-it notes from one place to another. Or you have a tedious task of somehow digitalizing post-it notes to later be able to edit and share thoughts with remote team members.

Here’s where Sketchboard can make a difference.

Sketchboard allows innovators, software designers, programmers, engineers, students and all visually minded hackers of tomorrow, to remotely work together on a single canvas and easily sketch out new ideas and prototypes, see public sketches. Our aim is to make Sketchboard into a tool that not only saves time and money for its users, but will eventually allow completely new forms of visual co-creation in a digital world.

Sketchboard is still under development, but a second place on Product Hunt reinforced our belief that we’re headed in the right direction. We’re hard at work at making Sketchboard a tool users love.

Wanna help us? Write us a line or two on your thoughts. Also check out our blog and follow us on Twitter to stay tuned to Sketchboard’s latest developments.