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Organize and Group Sketches

Good news for heavy weight Sketchboard users. For quite some time, users have requested a way to organize or link boards. Tag feature is the first step to provide a bit of both.

Tags make:

  • easier to find boards
  • group boards together
  • switch quickly between related boards

Group and Find boards

Tags are similar to folders with the exception that the hierarchy is flat. Group related work together like marketing, technical and user interface design boards together, or bundle sketches based on users working with them. Tags help you to find boards later quickly just by clicking the tag.

Link Related Boards with a Tag

Linking is something that many users have requested. Tags make possible to access related boards directly from the board. Open Board Details and click tag to reveal related boards. Tagged boards are plain web links, to open link in another browser tab press Cmd or Ctrl key when clicking the link.

Linked Boards

Linking is especially handy when board becomes too big, continue work on another board and navigate between boards using tags.

Search Tagged Boards

Search page needed a layout change to support tags. Listed tags comes from the default team. Tags can be renamed by hovering the tag, then select “Rename…” and change the tag name.

Tags functionality

Create & Delete Tags

In order to create tags a new menu item called board details is introduced. Board details allows you to create and delete tags.

Menu > Board Details
Create tag on Sketchboard

After clicking the “Tag +”, type the tag name in the field and then press enter. Tag is created and associated with the board.

Create tag on Sketchboard Delete tag

Tag is deleted completely when there are no boards associated to it.

Tags Visibility

Tag names are unique within the team and are visible for teammates. In case tag contains private personal boards, only the owner of the board is able to list those under the tag. Tag shows how many boards are associated with the tag. Count shows also number of private boards, but those are not listed unless user is the owner of the boards.

Team, tag and board hierarchy