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Markdown Links and Shape Link Indicator

We have heard you and linking external web pages or boards should be improved.

Users have requested markdown shapes to support links. It definitely makes possible to write more rich content.

Open markdown editor by double clicking e.g. a Note shape.

  1. Select text
  2. Click link icon or press Cmd+L (Mac) or Ctrl+L (Win/Linux)
  3. Write link name inside [Google Search] and URL inside (

After you have closed markdown editor, only link name is shown.

In case selected text starts with a URL, editor selects link name to be written. In case plain text is select, editor guesses that you would like to type a URL.

Links have been supported on a shape level for a quite long time, but there was no visual indicator, which element contains a link. You needed to open a shape context menu to see if it contained a link. Therefore now shape shows visual link indicator.

Link indicator works as a normal web page link. Use Cmd+Click to open link on a new browser tab, for now all main browsers except Firefox supports that behavior.