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HipChat Integration

Description is a visual sketch collaboration tool for modern teams to sketch together in real-time. It is like a chat, but you solve problems visually like using a whiteboard. Solve problems and create ideas visually together. Especially targeted for software development.

In case your HipChat account email address does not exists on, integration directs you to sign up.

Usage Guide

Here’s a quick guide on how to use the integration.

Type the following commands to use the integration:

  • /sketch - Starts visual sharing with existing team
  • /sketch Board Name - Starts visual sharing with existing team with a named board
  • /sketch add @UserName - Adds HipChat teammate to your team
  • /sketch add - Adds someone to your team not on your HipChat team
- **/sketch pwd password** - Starts visual sharing session with teammates and possibility to share sketch with guests using a password. Note password cannot contain spaces. - **/sketch pwd password Board Name** - Starts visual sharing session with teammates and possibility to share sketch with guests using a password. Board is named. Note password cannot contain spaces.

Free Plan and Subscription

After sign up you are using free plan. On free plan boards are public and you can create up to 10 public boards. You can view public boards from Sketch Gallery.

When you subscribe you can create private boards that are visible only for your team. Private boards are not shown on Sketch Gallery. See plans.


  • Go to your Integrations page
  • Log in as an HipChat admin
  • Find Slash Command and click Install

Install Slash Command integration uses

  • Send Notification - to reply back to room with a notification
  • View Group - when using /sketch add @UserName command, retrieves HipChat email address automatically to be used in
  • Send Message - to upload board snapshot to HipChat on your behalf. You will be requested separately to authorized this.

Descriptor URL


Sign up on using the same email address that you use for your HipChat account.

Descriptor URL

Enable integration on

Descriptor URL is opened and possible you need to login first. Click “Enable HipChat” and configuration is done.

Descriptor URL

Add Team Mates

It is recommended to add HipChat teammates using /sketch command. You will be then automatically using correct email addresses on

    /sketch add @UserName

Real-time Sketch Collaboration

Start sketching with your HipChat teammates using plain /sketch command. You can also give name to your board with the /sketch command.

    /sketch Awesome Idea replies back with a link to the board. Click the link with your teammates to start sketching together.

Descriptor URL

After you have finished your real-time sketch session. You can upload board snapshot back to HipChat room.

Descriptor URL needs your authorization to upload image with a message on your behalf to HipChat. At first time you are directed to HipChat to give that permission. You will be asked to give a new authorization when permission expires.

Descriptor URL

Now you have enabled integration also from => HipChat. Upload board snapshot for others to seen that were not in the sketch session with you.

Descriptor URL

Snapshot is uploaded and you can have discussion on HipChat on it.

Descriptor URL

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