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Introducing Organizations

By Saiki Tanabe Feb 9, 2016

Sketchboard for Organizations

We’re excited to announce Sketchboard for organizations. Now Sketchboard scales for your needs, you can start from a small sketch diagramming team and scale your visual communication needs to any size.

Organization allows easily to separate work between different teams. Teammates can edit or view boards only if they belong to a team. You can have unlimited private teams. Organization users can belong to multiple project teams or cross functional units within your organization with simple understandable access right that is a team.


  • Product Manager belongs to multiple development project teams
  • Separate teams for each development project
  • Team to communicate with a client and clearly separate team internal and client visible boards
  • Support team
  • Team for HR people for confidential diagrams
  • Internal training team where only some of the users can edit team boards

Sketchboard for Organizations

Teams help you to clearly and easily separate who is able to access your team boards. Team is a security unit. Only team members can access private team boards within a team.

In addition organization’s have a new team level access right, read-only team member. When subscribing to an organization plan you are able to change team member roles.

Simplified Pricing

Organizations’ have simplified pricing. No need to update your subscription when new users join to an organization team. Pricing is $9 per user per month. Organization grows or shrinks by calculating daily users with in all organization’s teams. One user can belong to a multiple teams and is calculated only once. Read more about how organization billing is done. Note that minimum charged organization size is 5 users.

Organization unifies billing for all teams and teams do not need to worry about subscription. You have a single invoice for the whole organization.

Organizations’ have increased storage space for images and board snapshot versions.

Transform an existing team to an organization

To transform an existing team to an organization, click “Add Teammates”.

Upgrade Team To Org Step 1

Next “Manage Subscription” Upgrade Team To Org Step 2

Pick “Upgrade Plan” Upgrade Team To Org Step 3

Select “Upgrade” from the Organization plan. Upgrade Team To Org Step 4

Type organization name and click “Upgrade to Organization”. Your current team billing information will be moved under to the created organization. On next invoice you will be credited for the unused team subscription time and charged for the remaining time for the current month + next month organization subscription. Note that updating team to an organization cannot be undone.

Upgrade Team To Org Step 5

Organization Settings

Organizations’ page can be directly accessed through the menu. You can also create a new organization if you don’t have any existing team subscribed.

Organization Settings

Create a New Organization Team

When ever you are logged in with a team that belongs to an organization. New team will be automatically created to be part of an organization.

New org team step 1 New org team step 2

You can check the organization which team is part of by clicking “Configure Team” icon.

Check team org step 1

Team page shows the organization that this team is part of. Click organization to access your organization page.

Check team org step 2

Add Teammates to an Organization Team

Teammates are added to an organization normally through the application. First switch current team to a correct organization team (shortcut: Cmd+K or Ctrl+K). After that you can add new teammates, read more.

Check team org step 2 Check team org step 2
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