sketchboard blog Meets Real-time Presentation

To be honest, this is a feature that I needed my self. I needed to present and didn’t want to use Keynote or PowerPoint.

I have always liked how Impress.js allows you to keep presentation using an endless canvas. I could have extracted parts of a sketchboard and add those to a separate impress.js presentation, but I didn’t. Impress.js mindset is so close to using endless canvas that I wanted to use itself to have the presentation.

Presentation just touches the features impress.js has, but there were other requirements presentation should fulfill. presentation should achieve the same kind of experience as you normally have with All teammates can view, create and edit presentation at the same time. When you create a presentation, those are just shapes as anything else.

When you start the presentation all teammates starts the presentation as well. Slides are changed to everybody at the same time.

Remote Presentation

I kept the presentation using iPad and Macbook was connected to a projector. I didn’t need to touch Macbook, but instead I switched slides using iPad. Certainly idea was to show real-time capabilities as well.

After the presentation one of the comments was

I could use presentation to keep my training sessions. It sets the mindset correct way where users should participate actively, it doesn’t look too official, it is a simple and fresh way to present ideas.

Presentation doesn’t try to compete with full blown presentation tools, but when you want to quickly and remotely share your ideas in logical order on sketch level, just might do the job for you.

Presentation Example

View example presentation saved statically from Example doesn’t have real-time capabilities. Change slide with space or arrow keys.


Open edit mode to add new slides. Click +Add Slide to create a slide.

Open Presentation Edit Mode Presentation Edit Mode

Drag board to create the slide. All shapes within the slide boundaries will be part of the slide. Organize your slides by drag and dropping. Slide can be removed normally as any other shape, using trash icon. Editing will be shown in real-time for everyone participating the board session.

Presentation is available on private personal or team boards.


Key Description
Alt+E edit or create presentation
Alt+P start real-time presentation
Space Move to next slide
Arrow keys Move to previous or next slide