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Sketchboard Flavored Markdown

By Saiki Tanabe Sep 12, 2013

Highlight important topics on your board using text formatting.

Sketchboard users have requested possibility to format text. For starters Note and Just Text elements implement simple text formatting. Formatting is based on Markdown, initially following text formatting rules are used.

There are some differences for Markdown. Sketchboard legacy *bold* makes text bold and not emphasized. In the future another probable exception might be that two underscores are used for _underlined text_ and not for text bolding.


Markdown provides two styles to write headings.

Heading Example

Note Element Heading Syntax (Notes)

Just Text Element Heading Just Text


Notes Bullets Syntax Just Text Bullets

You can use either - or * characters for bullet point.

- First Level 1

    - Second Level 1

        - Third Level 1

Note, Nested level bullets are 48 spaces. You can use TAB to autofill 4 space characters in the editor.

Bold and Italics

Bold and Italic


When you want to show characters used in formatting, those needs to be escaped with \. Note Escaping


Thanks to this excellent markdown library Marked.